Media find more evidence of Rosgvardiya purchasing at inflated prices

Media find more evidence of Rosgvardiya purchasing at inflated prices
Viktor Zolotov

Rosgvardiya buys garments from a company called Spetsshveisnab at 2-3 times the market value.

Rosgvardiya turns out to have another exclusive supplier that sells goods to the agency at inflated prices, Sobesednik reported. The investigation names Spetsshveisnab, a "sole supplier" the agency enters into agreements with on the basis of government order No. 2666-r of November 29, 2017. Rosgvardiya concluded $29.700.000 worth of contracts with the company, while the cost of the goods was often two to three times the market value.

Government order No. 2666-r is not on the Government House's website, Sobesednik notes. The reason why the document was classified is unknown.

According to the publication, Rosgvardiya acquired over 43.000 T-shirts with "alternating horizontal maroon and white stripes" from Spetsshveisnab at a price of 385 rubles for one item in May 2018. Meanwhile, other manufacturers sell such T-shirts at about 140 rubles per item. The Ministry of Defense purchases vests for 137 rubles apiece. According to Sobesednik, Rosgvardiya overpaid more than 11 million rubles ($163.248) for the T-shirts. The contract was valued at 16.6 million rubles ($246.400).

Rosgvardiya also ordered 362.000 sleeve insignias at a price of 87 rubles per item. Meanwhile, LLC Neva-Progress has the same chevrons at 30 rubles apiece. The estimated overpayment is 15 million rubles ($222.600).

Igor Shalnov, an Ufa entrepreneur, is the owner of Spetsshveisnab. He also runs the sewing company Magellan, where one can buy a summer camouflage cap for 250 rubles. Spetsshveisnab offers them to Rosgvardiya at 385 rubles per item. The delivery was valued at almost 40.000 rubles and the difference between the prices cost the budget 5 million rubles ($74.200).

Sergei Yezhov, the author of the research, gave an interview to the Ekho Moskvy radio station and called Rosgvardiya "the beloved wife of the government and the Kremlin", as the agency purchases the same goods as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Defense Ministry, but at substantially higher prices. Yezhov also said that at the same time, Rosgvardiya officers do not get any subsidies for housing since they are ostensibly in financial strains. Instead, officers are offered to settle in apartments that the department buys from developers in the Moscow suburbs, while the acting generals of Rosgvardiya get upmarket apartments in Moscow, Yezhov said.



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