Matvienko offers to reform FSIN amidst scandal with tortures in Yaroslavl colony

Matvienko offers to reform FSIN amidst scandal with tortures in Yaroslavl colony
Valentina Matvienko Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

The Federation Council Speaker called the beating of Evgeny Makarov a flagrant crime.

Chairwoman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has commented on the situation surrounding the Yaroslavl colony in connection with the video of torture of prisoner Evgeny Makarov. The speaker described the actions of the colony officers as “flagrant,” which have no justification. 

“I am overwhelmed by this incident, which took place in the Yaroslavl region. I pressed play but couldn’t watch the video... How to understand these people who are brutally beating a person? None of them stops doing it,” RBC cites Matvienko. 

She stressed that the incident requires a thorough investigation, and its perpetrators deserve the most severe punishment. 

In addition, the Federation Council Speaker heavily criticized the Federal Penitentiary Service heads, who had called to investigate how the video leaked into the Internet. “If any person in a high position actually cared only about how the video leaked, then they also deserve a punishment,” Matvienko said. 

As a solution to the problem of torture in the colonies, the chairwoman of the upper house of parliament proposed to reform the Federal Penitentiary Service. She cited the example of combating hazing in the army, to which, according to her, the Defense Ministry managed to put an end. Matvienko proposes to divide the functions of control and protection with the function of rehabilitation and socialization, which, in her opinion, the civil service should be engaged in. 

To recap, the video of the tortures in the Yaroslavl colony was published by Novaya Gazeta on July 20. It was recorded in June 2017. After that, the Investigative Committee detained seven employees of the colony. A criminal case under Art. 286 (Exceeding Official Powers) of the Russian Investigative Committee was initiated. The FSB is checking the regional Federal Security Service.



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