Major-General Kapustin lobbied on Lubyanka? 

Major-General Kapustin lobbied on Lubyanka?
Aleksandr Kapustin is once again promoted in St. Petersburg Photo: Kubanskie Novosti / Mikhail Stupin

Allegedly, the main candidate for the post of hHead of the St. Petersburg State Traffic Safety Inspectorate used to regularly provide assistance to the FSB in ‘sensitive situations.’⁠

The MIA of Russia has once again sent documents to the Kremlin for the appointment of Major-General Aleksandr Kapustin as the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of St. Petersburg. According to Novaya Gazeta citing sources, his candidacy is lobbied by the FSB leadership. It should be noted that it is the fourth attempt to appoint Kapustin to this position. Previously, his candidacy was nipped in the bud by MIA Head Vladimir Kolokoltsev because of foreign real estate, which Kapustin had not mentioned in the declaration. 

Let us note that the post of Head of the St. Petersburg State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has been vacant for almost a year and a half. When Kapustin's reassignment was almost ready, various unpleasant episodes began to emerge in his biography. 

In March 2016, businessman Aleksandr Danilyuk accused oк mediation in transferring half a million bribes was detained in Sochi. As the investigation found out, Danilyuk used to coordinate the activity of a number of commercial structures, whose evacuators and parking places were directly utilized by the traffic police, bypassing the official procedure, that is through a single dispatch center. Information about Danilyuk paying for recreation and accommodation of "unidentified persons from among the heads of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate Administration of the Krasnodar region", one of whom was Kapustin, appeared in the criminal case materials. 

April 5, 2016, it turned out that the major-general systematically ‘forgot’ to indicate an apartment in Bulgaria owned by his wife Svetlana Ostanina, who holds the position of head of the administrative and operational administration of the Mariinsky Theater. In accordance with published documents, in 2008, Ostanina purchased an apartment with an area of 71.91 square meters in the Bulgarian city of Saint Vlas, part of the Magic Dreams apartment complex. The purchase cost her 30 thousand euros. In addition, up until September 2015, Ostanin was the founder of RostTransKom LLC. This company operated in the transport sector of the Krasnodar region, for which Kapustin was responsible due to his post. This information had never been indicated in any declaration of the senior police officer. Moreover, internal check has revealed another violation; the head of the district State Traffic Safety Inspectorate has not declared the income from the sale of his wife's car in the amount of 1.5 million rubles. 

Разбитый Lexus

Wrecked Lexus

According to Novaya Gazeta’s source, Kapustin’s patronage by Lubyanka owes to his assistance in ‘sensitive situations.’ Thus, on August 18, 2016, there was a serious accident in the Krasnodar region, allegedly caused by an FSB Major-General driving a Lexus. His foreign car swerved into oncoming traffic and rammed a truck that caught fire. According to sources, this incident was not registered in the traffic police records thanks to the efforts of Kapustin. 

Сгоревшая фура

Burnt truck



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