"Let the father care about your child": Karelia governor on closure of kindergartens

"Let the father care about your child": Karelia governor on closure of kindergartens
Artur Parfenchikov

In a comment to a resident, Artur Parfenchikov stated that turning to him with that issue was “useless”.

The governor of Karelia, Artur Parfenchikov, replied to a comment by a resident, Anna Vlasova, about the decision to close kindergartens, and stated that it was “useless” turning to him with that issue because it is the father and grandfather who should care about Vlasova’s children and not him. Screenshots of the comments can be found on Vlasova's VKontakte page.

The conversation between Parfenchikov and Vlasova was on September 3 after the governor made a post about opening a new school in the village of Ledmozero. The woman wrote in the comments, “Some open indeed, and you should say how many schools and kindergartens in the districts of Karelia have been shut down!”. Parfenchikov replied that the region “closes schools with two to five students, always has and always will.”

The comments that followed were removed, but the woman had taken screenshots that she made public. The region head told the resident of the Naistenyarvi village to be a stay-at-home mom until the child is three, and then drive the child to the kindergarten in Suoyarvi, 35 kilometers from her village. To this, the woman said that she cannot possibly stay at home because the child’s allowance is 57 rubles a day and the authorities make the life in villages unbearable.

 “It’s no use talking to you, ever! So useless!”, Vlasova wrote to the governor. Parfenchikov agreed saying, “Of course, it is. Let the father care about your child.”

Earlier, Parfenchikov had criticized ungraded schools, saying that “children there grow into artificial autists” because they “sit one person in a classroom”. One of the reasons why an ungraded school may make a student “autistic” is no chance “to have a fight with someone in a break,” according to the governor as quoted by Runa.



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