Law enforcers disclose scheme of purchase of high-end cars by ex-head of Chelyabinsk region

Law enforcers disclose scheme of purchase of high-end cars by ex-head of Chelyabinsk region
BMW story is just one of the instances investigated by law enforcers

BMW 750 Li was rendered through a gift agreement.

Investigators found out how a former Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky became an owner of BMW 750 Li worth of 9 million rubles ($139 thousand). With that, the official became the owner of this foreign car when he was the head of the region, reports with reference to its sources.

The source says the operative investigation is ongoing at the present time. All parties - including OOO Protokol involved in the matter are being checked. This enterprise was founded based on the cognominal state company.

“On March 12, 2019, in Chelyabinsk, OOO Protokol in the person of its CEO Rudolf Gotfrid and the Ministry of Property of the region in the person of Aleksey Bobrakov tied an agreement on donation of movable estate - 2018 BMW car (with a set of winter wheels),” the source said.

OOO Protokol was registered in late 2018. It was based on OGUP Protokol. It is 100 per cent owned by the Ministry of Property of the region. The enterprise deals with arrangement of official meetings of the Governor of Chelyabinsk region. Interestingly, the former OGUP Protokol was purchased by Magnitogorsk’s OOO Sigma in December, last year. A few days before the bargain, the value of the latter increased by 900 times - up to 9 million rubles (($139 thousand). The value of the high-end BMW 750 Li is equal to this amount.

Boris Dubrovsky had time to drive it several times, after which, March 19, he was terminated. The successor of Dubrovsky, interim Governor Alexey Texler managed to use the new car several times, but after the story with the purchase of a luxury foreign car was covered by the media, he changed it for an old Mercedes S-class.

The investigators do not exclude that Protocol LLC could have received a number of real estate objects in the same way. For example, Visit hotel, located in the center of Chelyabinsk on Elkina Street. The facility was prepared for a concession when getting ready for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS summits, but at the last moment, the offer of businesspeople was refused.

It is known that the management of the hotel was transferred to Protocol. In addition, among the objects that Protocol company could receive was premises on Lenina Avenue, which is rented by Coffee Factory, a popular cafe in the city. The areas were supposed to be privatized, but the authorities, like in the case of Visit, ditched these plans and gave the property to Protocol.

According to the interlocutor of the portal, property of the liquidated state unitary enterprise Regional Treasury was entered in the accounts of the same Protocol . According to the SPARK database, Protocol LLC is 100% owned by the Property Ministry of the Chelyabinsk region. The former Director of the eponymous regional state unitary enterprise Rudolf Gotfrid headed the commercial enterprise.

Before its liquidation, over the past years Protocol enterprise has consistently received government contracts from the manager of the governor for conducting various protocol events. It was assumed that Protocol LLC could become the main structure involved in holding the SCO and BRICS summits in 2020.




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