Large reform of security forces affect ICR, FSB and Ministry of Emergency Situations

Large reform of security forces affect ICR, FSB and Ministry of Emergency Situations
The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, the Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander, the Vice-Admiral Alexander Vitko, Vladimir Putin and the Head of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov Photo: RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev

Kommersant reported of the impending abolition, renaming and redistribution functions of security and law enforcement structures. Reform should be completed by 2018.

On the basis of the FSB will be formed the Ministry of State Security (MGB) in the next few years, in which will go down in the Foreign Intelligence Service and the majority of units of the Federal Security Service. The Presidential Security Service will guard the first person, which will also provide a special communication and transport services of senior officials. In addition, employees of the MGB will accompany criminal cases instituted on materials of the ICR and the MIA and implement procedural supervision over them. The MGB Investigation Management has received the status of the Central Board and will be engaged in the resonant criminal cases. Note that the current FSB has, for example, engaged in a criminal investigation of the Shakro Molodoy's gang, although jurisdiction of the Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (creation of the OCS) refers to the ICR and the MIA. In addition, the FSB actually performs the procedural control over all investigations of other criminal cases – the GSU Research Affairs in Moscow's investigation of the extortion by Shakro's gang members, and ICR investigates a case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya street in December 2015, in which it was attended Kalashov's people. In addition, the FSB is investigating the case of the receiving of million bribe by the senior staff of the Investigative Committee from Shakro for the release of his comrades.

The Investigation Committee itself may return to the Prosecution's Office. And how effectively and full the investigator used the information provided to him by the secret service will check security officers. The Head of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin, according to Kommersant, is waiting for a nominal position without administrative credentials.

Other large-scale disbanding the MOE awaits. Troops of civil defense and rescue, fire and other services will be transferred to the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs will consolidate with the Fire Safety Inspection Service. Earlier, functions of the Federal Migration Service and the Federal Drug Control Service moved to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And on the basis of the internal troops and a number of departments of the MIA bodies Rosgvardiya was established. In addition, large reforms are taking place in the ICR.

That reform will lead to more effective management of security and law enforcement structures and the elimination of corruption in them and can be completed by the Russian presidential election in 2018.



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