Kudrin spoke of his work with Putin in St. Petersburg City Administration

Kudrin spoke of his work with Putin in St. Petersburg City Administration
Alexey Kudrin

The ex-Finance Minister Aleksey Kuprin made a speech during the Atlanty Russian Business Forum.

The ex-Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin spoke of his work with the President Vladimir Putin in the St. Petersburg City Administration in the 90s. According to Kudrin, Antoliy Sobchak’s team members worked very hard to crate Russian market economy.

The Head of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research Fund and former Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin told about the 1990s and his work in the St. Petersburg City Administration with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Atlanty Russian Business Forum in Moscow.

"Vladimir Putin was the First Deputy Mayor then, I was working with him, too. We were working to improve the city’s market economy. There was no difference between us. No one could think of becoming the Minister of Finance, the Prime Minister or the President. We just worked really hard and were very interested in making the city’s economy work in accordance with market modern system,” – Kudrin told RIA Novosti.

The ex-Minister noted that the 90s was a period of "hopes agaist all the difficulties, and lives of people, whether they were working in companies or universities were very different.” “Some became rich, some became poor, and some lost their money. But what was important is that we lived with hope that we were able to create a country, which would become one of the leading ones,” he stated.

Kudrin noted, that in the 90s, St. Petersburg was one of the leading cities on privatization rates in Russia, and this fact helped the city to overcome financial difficulties of those years, according to the ex-Minister.

He also praised the personality of then mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, calling him "one of the most enthusiastic people who, despite all the difficulties, tried to make the country and the city more democratic."

Talking about his work in the Russian Government in early 2000s, Kudrin noted that he as the Minister of Finance, as well as the President Vladimir Putin (both took their offices in spring of 2000) were interested in creating modern market economy "and did some things for this purpose."

In early 1990s, Alexey Kudrin worked in the Committee on Economic Development in St. Petersburg, then he headed the Main Financial Department of the St. Petersburg City Administration. From 1993, he was the Deputy and the First Deputy of Sobchak and the St. Petersburg Government member.

During this period, Putin was Sobchak’s first adviser at the post of the Chairman of the Leningrad City Council. Then he became the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of St. Petersburg City Administration. In 1994, he was appointed the First Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg Government.



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