Kudrin ready to head Audit Chamber

Kudrin ready to head Audit Chamber
Alexey Kudrin

The candidacy of the former Finance Minister was put forward by the leadership of United Russia.

Ex-Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin said that he is ready to head the Russian Audit Chamber, RBC reports with reference to three sources.

Kudrin's assistant Pavel Kuznetsov earlier told Vedomosti that the official is considering the proposal.

Earlier, it was reported that Kudrin received the United Russia’s deputies’ proposal to take Tatiana Golikova’s post.

“Yes, I received an offer from United Russia to run [for this position], for me, it's a little unexpected, and I'll seriously think about it. In the near future, I will meet with the leadership of the factions,” Kudrin previously said.

The candidacy of the current chairman of the Audit Chamber, Tatyana Golikova, was earlier proposed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for the post of vice-premier for social policy. Golikova said she was ready to work in the new post.



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