Kremlin recommends media to avoid 'pension reform' phrase

Kremlin recommends media to avoid 'pension reform' phrase

The authorities believe that such a phrase dredges up images of the 90s.

The Kremlin recommended the media to avoid the phrase "pension reform," Dozhd reports referring to two sources in the government and one in the State Duma.

According to the interlocutors of the edition, the advice appeared in June. According to a source from the lower house of parliament, the authorities thought that the word "reform" dredges up images of the 90s, which contributes to the formation of a negative attitude to the new bill.

Instead of talking about "reform," the Kremlin recommended media outlets to use other terms, for example, "reconstruction" or "change," the TV channel states.

Also one of the sources stressed that the Presidential Administration is actively involved in the retirement-age increase project and informational support of this issue. The Kremlin's internal political block monitors the situation in the regions and draws up a list of experts who should comment on the topic.

Recall that the Russian authorities announced retirement-age increase project in June - up to 65 years for men and up to 63 - for women.

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