Kremlin clears 'lone umbrella' at World Cup final

Kremlin clears 'lone umbrella' at World Cup final
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“The Federal Guard Service is not obliged to bear umbrellas for foreign presidents, so it would look intrusive."

The story of "the only umbrella for all Russia" at the World Cup ceremony taken place at Luzhniki was not only roasted in social networks but also reviewed in the Kremlin. Security guards seemed to put Vladimir Putin in a pickle: as soon as the rain began, the only umbrella was put up over him, French President Emmanuel Macron and Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic got soaked.

The 'lone umbrella' is forbidden now. The press service of the Kremlin the FSO, as well as to the government refused to comment on the issue.

"If you comment on this, you have to criticize the protection of high-ranking foreign guests," says our source in the Kremlin. “In general, the personal guards should take care of the umbrella of a high-ranking official. They are responsible for the life and health of the protected. It is necessary to protect not only from bullets but also from wind, hail, lightning, rain. The protection of Putin surrounds him so that he could not catch a draft.”

One of the FSO employees always has a raincoat, a coat (depending on the weather forecasts). As for the umbrella, it is always in the car, on which the President is taken. Representatives of FSO knew the weather forecast for July 15, so they had an umbrella with them.

“Have you paid attention to how quickly the umbrella was put up by the employee standing with his back to the President?” the interlocutor continues. "How he holds it without taking his eyes off the perimeter? Higher skill! And the umbrella is so big; you could fit everyone. So, there are no complaints.

Are FSO officers obliged to take 50 umbrellas? Of course not! They do not have to bear clothes and umbrellas for foreign presidents. It would look intrusive.

Also, the protection of some high-ranking foreign guests is generally against offers from outside. The security of Macron and Grabar-Kitarovic are guilty of them got soaked. Why did not they follow the weather forecast? Why did not they take umbrellas with them?


The President of France has even a bulletproof umbrella (six years ago it became known about its development). But neither it, nor the simple one was taken.”

The Kremlin says that an umbrella as an accessory for the head of state appeared in the days of Gorbachev. Then it was formally listed in protocol by former head of the protocol service of the USSR Vladimir Shevchenko. Before that the umbrella was considered a bourgeois element, and the Soviet leaders did not use it. Vladimir Ulyanov stopped walking with his favorite umbrella-cane after he became the first person in the state. So Lenin often got soaked.

Now the FSO employees are obliged to bear the umbrella. It must put up above the head of the first person, as soon as it rains. The possible colors of umbrella are black and dark blue.

A guard with umbrella should stand back and just to the right. He is supposed to keep the umbrella in such a way that "the canopy does not cloud the sight, and the cane does not hinder his/her movement and does not be tangent to clothes."



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