Kremlin cannot explain high spending of officials in business trips

Kremlin cannot explain high spending of officials in business trips
Photo: Sergey Konkov / Kommersant

Minister of Industry and Trade spent more than $ 15,000 for a night in Shanghai.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov redirected the journalists’ question about high spending of officials during business trips to the government. The Kremlin’s spokesman said that the information about the details of official travels is “the prerogative of the government,” RBC reports. Earlier, Transparency International Russia found out that tens of millions are allocated from the budget to officials for expensive hotel rooms, tickets and VIP-services at airports.

Industry Minister Denis Manturov paid 1,388 million rubles ($ 22,000) for one night at The Peninsula Shanghai in 2016, the study showed, and in 2017 in Mexico, the federal official rented a room at the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City for 478,700 rubles ($ 7,600). Two nights in Jakarta in 2016 cost the budget almost 440,000 rubles ($7,000), and two nights in Shenzhou – almost 655,000 rubles ($ 10,500). In total, in 2016-2017, the Ministry of Industry and Trade spent about 19.3 million rubles ($ 306,000) to pay for its employees’ accommodation in foreign hotels.

Transparency International Russia sent 50 requests for information on the travel expenses of employees to other departments. Only two answered. In 2018, the Ministry of Transport spent 14 million rubles ($ 222,500), Rospechat from 2016 to 2018 paid 16.9 million rubles ($ 270,000) for accommodation and travel of the seconded employees.



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