Krasnoysk’s deputies had a fight over girls in sauna 

Krasnoysk’s deputies had a fight over girls in sauna
Screenshots from the CCTV tape

Spravedlivaya Russia supporters and deputies of the City Council of the Achink’s Legislative Assembly had a fight in one of the city’s sauna.

Regional Investigative Committee refused to check the information on the fight, as there were no victim-impact statements.

Information portal Zapad24 reported that the incident took place in the mid July. Regional deputy Maksim Markert and city’s parliamentarians Vladmir Nikulin and Oleg Samsonov took active part in the fight.

According to the portal, Vladimir Nikulin was an aggressor. He began to push girls, who were in the sauna, into the swimming pool, after what started to harass one of the girls. Oleg Samsonov stood up against these actions and thus the fight begun. Maksim Markert also took part in it. Video of the incident was recorded on the CCTV.



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