Krasnodar region MIA purge: head of Main Directorate to be dismissed, several high-ranking policemen fired 

Krasnodar region MIA purge: head of Main Directorate to be dismissed, several high-ranking policemen fired
Vladimir Vinevsky

General Lieutenant Vladimir Vinevsky has been warned about incomplete service compliance due to weak police activity in the fight against the so-called ‘black loggers.’ Two of his deputies, head of the region’s UEBiPK, UEBiPK head’s deputy, and two deputy chiefs of Krasnodar police have lost their posts.

Russian Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has signed an order on bringing Head of the MIA Main Directorate in the Krasnodar region, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Vinevsky, to disciplinary responsibility, Kommersant reports. 

According to the document, the MIA chief has been warned about incomplete service compliance. If the punishment is not removed in the near future, Vinevsky will leave his post and law enforcement agencies in autumn, when turning 60 in October — the age limit for policemen in the ranks of Major-General and Lieutenant-General. The annual extension up to a maximum of five years is only envisaged for generals with an irreproachable track record.

In Vladimir Kolokoltsev’s order about the disciplinary punishment of General Vinevsky it is noted that “despite the consistently high number of illegal logging, only one crime in this field has been investigated during the last two years. Hardly any work to identify criminal groups that specialize in illegal logging is conducted.” Based on the results of the inspection, the head of the central committee was instructed to eliminate the violations, however, a repeated inspection on May 7 showed that he limited himself to formal response measures. “Superficially, without a thorough study of the results of operational and official activities,” the MIA head’s order says.

Sources in law enforcement structures cite Head of the MIA Main Directorate in the Chelyabinsk region Andrey Sergeev as potential candidate for the post of Vinevsky after his resignation.


Lieutenant-General of Police Andrey Sergeev

Illegal logging of valuable tree species in the Krasnodar region is an acute problem. The forest area of the Krasnodar region is 1.6 million hectares, timber stock is 224 million cubic meters, and the potential annual volume of blanks is about 1 million cubic meters per year, although according to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Krasnodar region, only half of this volume is harvested. The scale of illegal logging of ash, oak, beech, and chestnut, which are then exported to Turkey under the guise of low-grade sawn timber, is unknown.

The departmental inspection, which was carried out in the region from February 23 to March 7, 2018, revealed a significant decrease in the effectiveness of police actions to decriminalize the timber industry complex. According to RBC, three high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Krasnodar region, including Deputy Head for operational work of the region's police, Colonel Vladimir Krylov, Head of the MIA UEBiPK GU in the region Vyacheslav Ekimov, and his deputy Dmitry Pozhenko, have already lost their positions. However, the information about these officers is still present on the official website of the regional police directorate.

It was previously reported that in early May, Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Colonel Yury Kuznetsov, Deputy Head of the Interior Ministry's Directorate in the Krasnodar region. Kuznetsov worked in this position since 2011, having been transferred to the region from the Lipetsk region together with Vladimir Vinevsky. In addition, Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Krasnodar Vyacheslav Yashin has also been dismissed due to loss of confidence.

Possible early resignation of the head of the MIA Main Directorate in the Krasnodar region will not be the only one in the Krasnodar region police administration. According to Chief Editor of Za Krasnodar Internet portal Vyacheslav Potapov, several more high-ranking police officers may lose their jobs in July and August. This will be caused both by the claims of the federal authorities to the level of security of the region and by planned rotation in the management of departments. In addition, he believes that the upcoming layoffs are directly related to the recent tragedy in Psebay and the shooting incident in the Ladozhskaya village, which showed the ineffective work of the police and the Investigative Committee. Potapov believes that Vinevsky's resignation was prepared long ago, however, the events in Psebay could have served as a catalyst for the general’s departure.



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