Krasnodar policeman suspected of concealing crime

Krasnodar policeman suspected of concealing crime

The police officer allegedly forged the documents on the basis of which he later refused to initiate a criminal case.

The investigative officer of the Criminal Investigative Department of the Mostovsky District of the Krasnodar Region was suspected of forgery (part 2 of Article 292 CCRF) and exceeding official powers (part 1 of Article 285 CCRF). The policeman allegedly forged documents and unreasonably refused the applicant to initiate a criminal case, the press service of the regional Prosecutor's Office reports.

A pensioner, from whom an unknown person remotely embezzled money, turned to the police. The police officer falsified the complainant’s report, reducing the amount of damage, as well as forged a protocol on inspection of the incident scene, after which he refused to initiate the criminal case. The district Prosecutor's Office canceled the decision to refuse, and after additional verification, the investigating bodies initiated a criminal case of swindling (Part 1 of Article 159 CCRF).

The Prosecutor’s Office took the course of the investigation into the criminal case against the policeman under its control.



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