Khakassia vice governor reacts to public discontent about her 300% bonus

Khakassia vice governor reacts to public discontent about her 300% bonus
Yulia Ismagilova

Yulia Ismagilova promised to regularly publish her payroll.

Yulia Ismagilova, the vice governor of Khakassia and the region representative in Moscow, addressed those who were unhappy about her bonus that amounted to 300% of the salary she got last December. She posted the message on her VKontakte page.

According to Ismagilova, she never received "a million-ruble bonus or half-a-million-ruble ones." The press estimated the surcharge at 250-400 thousand rubles. The official also said that in January, she closed the St. Petersburg representative office of the republic on behalf of the head of the republic. According to Ismagilova, the Khakassia government achieved a cost reduction of more than 600.000 rubles a month or 7.316.000 rubles a year.

Ismagilova also promised to make her payroll public every month starting from January. She said she doubted that her counterparts would agree to do the same. Then Ismagilova said the state-sponsored channels that hastened to report the news about her bonus, should publish data on the payments their leadership and presenters get.

Earlier it was reported that Valentin Konovalov, the head of Khakassia elected last November, issued an order on December 26, giving his deputy a bonus amounting to 300% of her monthly salary. Yulia Ismagilova, the head of the republic’s permanent mission in Moscow, got the bonus “for successful fulfillment of individual tasks”. With another decree of December 14, Konovalov gave Ismagilova another bonus that was 200% of her salary.

Galina Spiridonova, Republic’s First Deputy Minister of Finance, who was incensed by the bonuses to senior officials, was dismissed on January 16. According to the Agency for Informational Communications, Spiridonova was the one who had first noticed the governor’s order to give his deputies and department heads remunerations at the expense of ordinary employees ’salaries.



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