Kadyrovs' business partner won control over Chechnya's garbage market

Kadyrovs' business partner won control over Chechnya's garbage market
Center of Grozny Photo: Open Media

Movsadi Alviyev's company has become an operator for the removal of municipal solid waste in the republic for the next eight years.

Movsadi Alviyev, a well-known developer and partner of the Akhmat Kadyrov charity fund, has practically gained control over the entire garbage market of the republic - his Onix LLC company will be exporting municipal solid waste (MSW) for eight years, according to Open Media.

According to estimates of the publication, the turnover of this business can be about 1.5 billion rubles ($23 m) per year. In other words, this will allow Alviyev to earn about 12 billion rubles ($184 m) for the eight years of the contract, and then continue to work on waste processing.

Since February 2019, Said-Khasan Dadakayev has headed Onix, previously he helmed a facility of the administration of the Chechen government - state public institution Directorate for the Support of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities.

Onix’s website says it has become an operator for garbage collection throughout the republic, which means all residents and all organizations of Chechnya must conclude agreements on the export of solid waste with it.

According to the tariffs set for Onix services in December 2018, residents will pay 2012,35 rubles ($30.8) for the removal of one ton of garbage. This is comparable to garbage collection prices across the country: they are three times below the highest tariffs (in the Moscow region).

The publication also believes that, in addition to garbage collection contracts with all management companies and departments, Onix can count on some of the garbage landfills under construction in Chechnya (four in total) and waste sorting plants planned to be constructed (eight).

It is noteworthy that Alviyev's Onix, according to the database of Kontur. Focus, is registered at the same address as the Kadyrov Fund in Gudermes, on Akhmada Kadyrova Avenue, 5. The Multifunctional Sports and Training Center Master JSC, in which Movsadi Alviyev is listed as Director, is also registered there.



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