Kadyrov turns out to own 2.8 hectares of undeclared land in the heart of Grozny

Kadyrov turns out to own 2.8 hectares of undeclared land in the heart of Grozny
Ramzan Kadyrov

The properties of the head of Chechnya have thus increased sevenfold.

Ramzan Kadyrov’s Grozny property has increased sevenfold, as is evidenced by the data of the Federal Registration Service. According to the service, last February, Kadyrov acquired a site on the Sunzha River. The cadastral value of the land is 12.7 million rubles, said the Telegram channel Baza.

Before making the purchase, Kadyrov’s site had 36 acres. It has a house with an area of ​​2.3 thousand square meters. Grozny City used to own the land and before the reorganization, the company had a different name, Arena City; it was part of the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, which is headed by Ramzan Kadyrov's mother.

Movsadi Alviev, the largest Chechen developer and Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation co-investor, is the leading shareholder of Grozny City. In 2017, the press reported that Alviev was linked to the International Training Center for Special Forces near Gudermes, where fighters were being trained for the Defense Ministry's military police before being sent to Syria.

70 hectares of land intended to accommodate the training center were said to be leased by JSC Master Multifunctional Sports Training Center, headed by Alviev. It is not yet clear whether Ramzan Kadyrov bought the land, or whether it passed into his ownership otherwise, the channel said.

Transparency International - Russia, the international organization fighting against corruption, noted that the cadastral value of the land Kadyrov purchased is higher than its income for the previous year, but despite that, they see no reason to confront the Chechen leader.



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