Kadyrov's assistant tells about system of coercion to public apology

Kadyrov's assistant tells about system of coercion to public apology
Ahmed Dudaev

The guilty person is explained his deed or words by phone.

Director of the Grozny ChGTRK and assistant to the head of Chechnya Ahmed Dudaev, explained to the publication Kavkaz.Realii why bloggers and journalists have repeatedly apologized to Ramzan Kadyrov live. Each delinquent received a call from Grozny and was explained what was considered wrong in his words or behavior.

“They receive explanations, and they themselves decide to apologize,” Dudayev assured. 

According to him, the explanatory conversations are held within the framework of the law and are necessary because there are many people who “do not have the appropriate education and upbringing.” They are need to be explained about the framework, traditions, and customs of the Chechen people.

“We call this person and explain: ‘Dear such-and-such, according to the traditions and customs of our people, according to our ancient rules of conduct, by such actions or words you offend the honor and dignity of our people, we don’t like it. And so that you do not repeat such mistakes in the future, we explain [to you] our traditions’,” Dudaev says.

If the interlocutor is not imbued with guilt, he is sued, Dudayev said. 

One of the last who apologized was blogger Sasha Tileks, who made a parody of Kadyrov, forcing singers to collaborate with Timati’s Black Star label. Journalist Maxim Shevchenko apologized after he said on YouTube that Kadyrov had “was backtracking,” discussing the identity of Imam Shamil. Foreign bloggers also apologized to Kadyrov. The British author of the YouTube channel Bold and Bankrupt apologized for calling Chechen ladies chicks.

Shevchenko explained that “Chechens are not ordinary people,” they are communal, and they have a “peculiar ethics.”



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