Kadyrov looks at Chechen-produced military buggies  

Kadyrov looks at Chechen-produced military buggies
Chaborz M-3

Lightweight double-purpose all-terrain vehicles assembled at local Chechenavto plant have been presented to Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov.

The vehicles are designed primarily for Russian Special Forces. According to Kadyrov, the buggies are "vital" for combat missions in Syria.

Four lightweight double-purpose all-terrain vehicles produced in the republic were shown to Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov on Saturday, March 4.

The vehicle was named Chaborz M-3 (‘chaborz’ is the Chechen for bear and wolf). The buggy is 95% made of Russian components. The three-seater is designed to carry the staffs and cargos in difficult terrain and off-road.

When asked by RBC to name the prospective buyers, Ramzan Kadyrov said that the first batch would be delivered to the International Training Center for Special Forces in Gudermes.

"The National Guard and the Defense Ministry have shown some interest, so we’ll see where [it’s going]," Kadyrov said.

He also emphasized that such vehicles are now "vital" for the Syria soldiers.

"Because if [a fighter] is hiding somewhere in the mountains, it's almost impossible to reach him. There are situations when you have to make a roundabout, so this vehicle will be of help ", the Chechen Head summed up.


Special Forces Training Center in Chechnya

The Chechen buggy will be much cheaper than its foreign counterparts, said Deputy Chief of the National Guard in Chechnya, Daniel Martynov.

“There is American Polaris and Canadian BMR. Those buggies cost around 2 million rubles ($35.000). But their engine power is half as high as that of our model’s. The Chechen buggy will cost around 1.5 million rubles ($25.000),” Martynov said. The price of the buggy’s civil version will be about 1.1 million rubles ($18.900)”.

He said that as of today, the batch production is 30 vehicles per month.

The price has been minimized due to almost 100% of Russian-made details, Martynov pointed out.

Kadyrov’s assistant added that the buggy was built primarily for Russian Special Forces.

He stressed that apart from Russian national security, the project has attracted countries like Belarus and Kazakhstan.



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