Kadyrov doubles income: his 2 underage children make $175.000

Kadyrov doubles income: his 2 underage children make $175.000
Kadyrov's family

In 2016, the Chechen Head earned 11.5 million rubles ($203.400).

Chechen Head Ramzan Kadyrov doubled his income in 2016 compared to that of 2015. According to his declaration, last year he made 11.5 million rubles ($203.400), while a year earlier the sum was 5 million rubles ($88.445).

It is worthy of note that Kadyrov’s two underage children have also declared a multimillion-ruble income with $168.000 indicated for each. The Head of the Republic is known to have 12 children (10 own and 2 adopted). Two of Kadyrov’s children have come of age. Aishat, a girl of 18, runs a fashion house founded by her mother. She also opened a French-styled confectionery cafe "Paris" in Grozny last summer. Last year, the Head of Chechnya also stated that another of his daughters is successfully engaged in business. Hutmat now owns an agricultural company.

Medni, Ramzan Kadyrov’s wife that had founded Muslim fashion house Firdaws in Grozny, made 2,1 million rubles ($37.000) in 2016.

The list of the family property Kadyrovs declared has not changed since 2015. Kadyrov owns a land plot of 3.7 thousand square meters and a house of ​​2.3 thousand square meters. His wife and 12 children have a house of 300 square meters. In addition, Medni Kadyrova owns an apartment of ​​209 square meters. The family has declared no cars.



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