Kadyrov did not like Finance Ministry's proposal to cut budget of Chechen Republic

Kadyrov did not like Finance Ministry's proposal to cut budget of Chechen Republic
Ramzan Kadyrov

Suggestions of the Russian Ministry of Finance on the Chechen budget for 2017, involving spending reductions, are unacceptable for the country, said the Head of the Region Ramzan Kadyrov during the budget meeting on Monday.

"The budget model that the federal center offers us is not acceptable for the Chechen Republic. We're just getting on our feet. The Republic has already enough problems. Chechnya is among the only two regions, where there are three shifts in schools. We have restored the infrastructure, but that’s when it starts to get difficult: we will need to buy equipment, train professionals. We need to develop the main directions of the economy", Kadyrov said.

The Head of the Region noted that in previous years, despite going through the protection procedure, the federal special-purpose program (FCP) for the recovery of the economy and social sphere of Chechnya was sequestered until 2020. At the same time, in some regions, where there was no war, the budgets were fully approved, Kadyrov said.

"We had previously agreed to all the proposals of the Russian Ministry of Finance. When the federal program was sequestered, we also agreed. In spite of this, we have restored the infrastructural objects, but are still paying off debts. Further budget cuts will have a negative impact on the development of the region, fulfilling of social obligations, the performance of the President’s "May decrees", he said.

Kadyrov instructed the Head of the Regional Government Abubakar Edelgeriev to work more specifically at the federal level with the budget and the federal program, the execution of which, as he thinks, needs to be restored. "Apart from that, we will continue to improve the investment climate and attract business in the region. In the Republic, despite the difficulties, unemployment is declining. This year, we raised taxes 1.5 billion rubles more than in the previous one", Kadyrov said.



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