Justice Ministry names 9 prospective "foreign agents"

Justice Ministry names 9 prospective "foreign agents"
Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Earlier, the State Duma passed a bill defining "foreign agents" in the media.

The Ministry of Justice sent notices to 9 media outlets warning that they could be recognized as "foreign agents", the ministry reported in a press release.

The outlets that received the notices are: Voice of America, Radio Liberty and its Tatar-Bashkir office, as well as the following projects: Idel.Realii, Krym.Realii, Kavkaz.Realii, Sibir.Realii, Factograph and Nastoyashcheye Vremya ("Current Time").

The Ministry added that the notices had been sent, as the amendments adopted on November 15 "may come into effect very soon".

All the media outlets listed by the Ministry of Justice reported that they had received the notices from the department. Meanwhile, it is not specified whether the Ministry has detected "foreign agent" signs in other media outlets.



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