Ministry of Justice: amendments to law on OCG threaten only the "newly crowned" thieves in law

Ministry of Justice: amendments to law on OCG threaten only the "newly crowned" thieves in law
Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Alexander Konovalov

The legal department explained how the law on the punishment of crime lords and thieves in law would work.

The new punishment for the creation of a criminal community (OCG) and the leadership threatens only those thieves in law who will take this position after the amendments to the law come into force, Interfax reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

The press service said that “by virtue of the first part of Art. 10 of the Russian Criminal Code, a criminal law that establishes the crime of an act does not have retroactive force, that is, it does not apply to persons who have committed a crime before such a law enters into force.”

The duty to investigate criminal cases against the ringleaders of the criminal world will appear to the investigators of the MIA, the FSB, and the ICR.

The draft law on the introduction of a separate criminal punishment for leaders of organized criminal groups (OCGs), as well as for participants in “gatherings,” leaders or other representatives of such organizations, was submitted on February 14 to the State Duma by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President proposed to supplement with them Article 210 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Organization of the criminal community (criminal organization) or participation in it”). According to his initiative, guilty under Art. 210.1 of the Russian Criminal Code is threatened with a sentence of from 8 to 15 years.

Earlier it was reported that the bill will be adopted in all three readings in March 2019.



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