Journalists find Rublyovka summer house linked with Putin's friends

Journalists find Rublyovka summer house linked with Putin's friends
Photo: The Project

The site is under the protection of the FSO.

In the village of Gorki-10 on Rublyovo-Uspensky Highway, The Project found a house allegedly owned by someone from the circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The area of ​​6 hectares with three houses, a helipad and several artificial ponds are under the supervision of the FSO, Dozhd adds.

According to the Rosreestr, the area of ​​the main house is 2.2 thousand square meters, and the second one has 1.2 thousand. The territory is surrounded with a high fence equipped with video cameras. The investigation says that before 2000, the area belonged to the Ministry of Property Relations, then it was transferred to Mikhail Kovalchuk, Director of the Institute of Crystallography and the brother of Yuri Kovalchuk, who is a shareholder of Rossiya Bank and one of the founders of the Ozera cooperative, to which the head of state also belonged.

In 2005, Mikhail Kovalchuk transferred the plot to the authorized capital of Usadba 21 Vek, a company he established. It was then that the construction began on the site and the helipad appeared.

In 2011, the site came to be owned by the non-profit partnership “Revival of the Traditions and Culture of Country Recreation”, owned by Ipex and Tartex, the publication says, adding that a BVI offshore company is the owner of the former company and a Cypriot Gennady Timchenko’s one has the latter.

Curiously, Ipex has a registration at Saperny Lane, St. Petersburg, where the office of Liross is also located, whose owner is Oleg Gordin, the person involved in the Panama Papers investigation, who is also a business partner of the cellist Sergey Roldugin.

According to the article’s estimates, the construction cost 733.5 million rubles. Meanwhile, SPARK-Interfax alleges that Revival is worth 2.3 billion rubles, which could be the actual value of the house, too.

Aeronautical Information Publication notes that flights over the area are not allowed unless there is prior agreement with the FSO. The journalists called Usadba 21 Vek and asked if it was indeed Putin’s dacha. "I can’t say," said the source.

Meanwhile, residents say that they have never seen the president’s motorcade there, and a helicopter came just once over all those years.

The FSO declined to comment, and the presidential office recommended that the journalists read the list of subordinate organizations on the management website.



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