Journalists find apartments in Moscow and estate belonging to Krasnoyarsk governor  

Journalists find apartments in Moscow and estate belonging to Krasnoyarsk governor
The house in Krasnoyarsk Photo: Screenshot from video

The assets of Alexander Uss were estimated at 1.5 billion rubles ($23m).

Oppositionist Alexey Navalny has found that the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Alexander Uss, has several apartments in Moscow and Sochi.

According to the activist, the total asset value of the head of the region is about 1.5 billion rubles ($23m). A house that Uss acquired, while being the speaker of the regional parliament, is located next to an official residence of the governor.

In Moscow, Uss owns an apartment on Molochny Pereulok, 4. The market price of housing is approximately 450 million rubles. In addition, the governor has a plot of 4.7 hectares with a house located, in the village of Akulinino near Moscow.

The son of Alexander Uss, Artem, also has an apartment in Moscow - on Prechistenka street. The official received it in 1999 from the presidential affairs department.

In addition, an Audi A8 and a Porsche Cayne cars worth about 10 million rubles are declared as the son’s property. Also, the Krasnoyarsk governor has a house in Sochi.

Lyudmila, the spouse of Alexander Uss, owned a 25.9% stake in Krasnoyarsklesomaterialy, 26.8% of an offshore in the Cayman Islands, a representative office of which was headed by Artem Uss. Now, JSC Krasnoyarsklesomaterialy does not disclose its owners.

Moreover, Artem Uss turned out to have a company that manages two Italian hotels. His business partner is Lyubov Orlova. Her full namesake is listed as a co-founder of LLC Imeni Lope de Vega, which rents a land in a sanctuary in the territory of the Balakhta district.



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