Ivan Tkachev will lead FSB Department K

Ivan Tkachev will lead FSB Department K

Significant personnel changes are continuing in the leadership of the FSB. Viktor Voronin's position was handed over to Ivan Tkachev (former head of 6th service) as a result of cleanup in the economic department of FSB.

In early June, in the economic department of the Federal Security Service (SES), a series of high-profile resignations happened, due to the investigation of smuggling case, which involved Vadim Uvarov, the Head of the Seventh Department K of Russian FSB.

Following General Voronin, responsible for banking, his colleagues chairing the T and P departments (transport, aviation and counterintelligence in enterprises) resigned. Yuri Yakovlev, Voronin’s immediate superior, as well as the former head of SES, lost his position after trasferring of his cases.

However, according to the source of Rosbalt, Yakovlev had chaired SES for several weeks, until the new head of the service was appointed. It was the former Head of the Internal Security Department, Sergey Korolev, whose efforts, in fact, left the departments K,T and P without leadership.

As a result there is a free seat of the Head of the Internal Security Department, which now the FSB is currently trying to fill with several candidates.

Recall that the rotation of senior officers in the the Federal Security Service led to management's difficulties in other important departments, such as the Federal Customs Service (FCS).

A few days ago the Investigative Committee and the Internal Security Department of FSB became interested in the Head of the Federal Customs Service, Andrey Belianinov, in relation to smuggling case (expensive alcohol), the main suspect in which is Dmitry Mikhalchenko, the entrepreneur from St. Petersburg.

According to the CrimeRussia, these resignations in the economic unit of the FSB are linked with legal troubles of the Head of the Federal Customs Service. In other words, after a few heads of FSB services resignations, Belyaninov lost his cover (protection).



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