"It’s so not Russia": Kadyrov condemns Telegram ban

"It’s so not Russia": Kadyrov condemns Telegram ban
Ramzan Kadyrov

At the same time, the Chechen head acknowledged that the measures taken to limit access to the messenger must be in the interests of the state.

Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke on the air of Rossiya-24 criticizing the decision to block Telegram. He said it was "so not Russia" to make the decision, although it is indeed in the country’s interests.

"I believe it is wrong, it's so not Russia [to do this]," Kadyrov said. "This is how the West would deal with it, Europe, - but we should have more dignity. However, if this decision was made, we will support it, since it must be better for our country."

Tagansky District Court ruled to block Telegram on April 13. The reason was the messenger’s refusal to hand over the encryption keys to the FSB. Roskomnadzor began to execute the court order on April 16. As it was trying to block the app, it blocked some of the IP addresses of Amazon and Google, which caused failures in third-party websites.



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