Irkutsk region deputy governor turned out to have elite house in Italy 

Irkutsk region deputy governor turned out to have elite house in Italy
Dmitry Chernyshov's house in Italy Photo: A still from the video

Dmitry Chernyshov’s father is listed as the owner of a villa near the resort town of Rimini. Nearby is the house of Irkutsk Governor Sergey Levchenko's friend Vladimir Peretolchin.

Deputy Governor of the Irkutsk region Dmitry Chernyshov owns luxury real estate in Italy, REN TV reported. According to an investigation published by the TV channel, the house registered on the official's father Viktor Chernyshov is located in the village of Gemmano, which is near the resort town of Rimini.

Documents from the Italian registries confirm that the villa is registered on Viktor Chernyshov. It is reported that in four years the official has earned about 7 million rubles ($108.8 thousand). According to the tax declaration of Dmitry Chernyshov, from 2015 to 2017, together with his wife, he earned 11.5 million rubles ($178.8 thousand). The cost of the three-story house in Gemmano is not specified in the investigation.

Locals told the channel that Chernyshov visits his Italian home in summer.

REN TV also published a video from a quadrocopter, which shows that there is a similar villa next to the alleged house of the Chernyshov family. According to Italian registries, a friend of the Irkutsk Governor Levchenko, Vladimir Peretolchin, owns the house. It is also reported a company, in which Peretolchin was listed as Director and worked together with his wife Zoya Abrakhimova, is registered at the same address.

In 2015, Peretolchin became the Head of the Irkutsk region Development Corporation. Reports of the Chamber of Accounts indicate that over the year, more than 106 million rubles ($1.6 m) were spent through this company “on suspicious operations,” the channel said.

Earlier it was reported that the Accounts Chamber of the Irkutsk region appealed to investigators with a request to check the trips of Governor Levchenko to Europe and the Caribbean. In particular, in January 2019, the official traveled to Vienna as a private person while on vacation, and in 2018 visited Austria together with the Irkutsk governor’s orchestra.



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