Investigator of MP Voronenkov's fraud resigns and chooses business

Investigator of MP Voronenkov's fraud resigns and chooses business
Denis Voronenkov

Denis Zharenov was awarded the I Degree Medal For Impeccable Service.

Investigator for priority cases of the State Committee for the Investigative Committee Denis Zharenov, who investigated the criminal case against former State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Denis Voronenkov, resigned from the department. The Colonel of Justice informed Kommersant about his retirement. The investigator received a proposal for a new job - to ensure economic security in a large company engaged in construction.

43-year-old Zharenov was going to file a report back in February of this year - his seniority was 27 years. Before leaving, he completed some criminal cases, including the case against former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was killed in Kiev, and who was accused of particularly large-scale fraud. The court eventually terminated his criminal prosecution due to non-rehabilitating circumstances.

Among the high-profile crimes that Denis Zharenov investigated there were the case of Alexey Vygovsky, who gave to drink vodka mixed with azaleptin and robbed passengers in the suburban electric trains in 2006–2009. In court, 17 episodes of fatal poisoning were proven, and doctors were able to save many people. Vyhovsky was sentenced to 22 years of imprisonment. Zharenov also successfully investigated the case of criminals who took out apartments’ owners to the Vladimir region, where they were killed. Zharenov took part in the investigation into the Nevsky Express train terrorist attack.

In connection with his retirement, Colonel Zharenov was encouraged with the I Degree Medal for Impeccable Service, and he will also receive severance pay and a bonus.



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