Internet users discuss tender for purchase of stun guns for National Guard

Internet users discuss tender for purchase of stun guns for National Guard

A tender for the purchase of 430 stun guns has been posted on the government procurement website.

The National Guard has placed a tender for the purchase of 430 Shtorm pistol-stun guns. The purchase price of 3,741,000.00 rubles ($56,657). 

One stun gun with a laser pointer and a flashlight comes at a price of 8.7 thousand rubles ($131). The device must operate at temperatures from –20 °C to 50 °C.

It is noted that it will be used “for contact-remote non-lethal effects on the offender with a series of high-voltage electric current discharges.”

Internet users did not like this new weaponry of the National Guard; the news was met with criticism. In connection with this, they recalled the latest press reports on how National Guard officers refused to help because they were having lunch.

A user nicknamed Shureg Terran wrote: “Right, no one should interfere with National Guard officers eating a doner kebab when crimes are committed nearby and they are asked for help! Shoot the complainant and continue your meal!”

Another user nicknamed Nu Pogodi believes that “people with health problems may be killed with stun guns, and they will use them against demonstrators with disabilities.”

Dmitry Pi mimicked the frequent rhetoric of Russian politicians and commented on the news as follows: “Otherwise, it will be NATO soldiers shooting Russians with stun guns.”

Previously, the National Guard developed a package of bills to tighten gun ownership. They ask to grant them access to medical records for all citizens of the Russian Federation and ban the donation and sale of decommissioned weapons.



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