Information about Nikita Belykh removed from Kirov regional governmental website

Information about Nikita Belykh removed from Kirov regional governmental website
Nikita Belykh

Information about the former Regional Governor Nikita Belykh and his activities has been removed from the Kirov Regional Administration's official website.

If you use search on the Kirov regional governmental website, only three links to pages mentioning the name of the former head of the region appear on the query "Nikita Belykh". Moreover, none of them concerns his activities as the Governor, whereas the last one contains information about the dismissal of Nikita Belykh from the post of the Kirov region Head and the appointment of Igor Vasilyev as the Acting Head of the Kirov region.

The link on the regional governmental website also contains Igor Vasilyev's interview with TASS, in which a journalist makes only a token mention of Nikita Belykh. Third link lists all governors of the Kirov region since 1798.

It is noteworthy that information about Nikita Belykh's predecessor, Nikolay Shaklein, who was the Head of the Kirov region from 2004 to 2008, is saved: there are 64 mentions. As for Igor Vasilyev, there are 179 records containing his name on the website. 

The Kirov Regional Administration explains the removal of information from the site is due to the fact that October 11 the servers storing site data were reset and some of the information went missing. To restore site functionality, system administrators deleted some information from the servers. It was decided to keep the information published in the recent period. Meanwhile, the earliest post on the regional Government's official website is dated April 13, 2009.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, on June 25 Nikita Belykh was arrested in a Moscow restaurant while taking a bribe. A month later, he was dismissed from his office. The former official is currently in Lefortovo detention center; criminal investigation against him continues.



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