Income of Mordovia Deputy Head is five-fold higher than Head's earnings

Income of Mordovia Deputy Head is five-fold higher than Head's earnings
The wealthiest official of Mordovia Alexey Merkushin

The son of the former Head of the region, Alexey Merkushin, reported 16.2 million rubles ($285.800) of earnings for 2016.⁠

Officials of Mordovia made public tax returns. According to the published documents, the most affluent member of the Government of the Republic became the Deputy Head of the region, Minister of target programs Alexey Merkushkin, the son of previous Head of Mordovia Nikolay Merkushkin. The Minister's income is five-fold higher than current Head of the region Vladimir Volkov.

So, Alexey Merkushkin earned 16.2 million rubles ($285.800), and this is 2.5 times less than in 2015. In his ownership there are still four plots of land with a total area of ​​37.3 thousand square meters, three apartments with a total area of ​​382.5 square meters, a house with an area of ​​903.1 square meters, a car place and a snowmobile Lynx Yety Pro V-800 Army. Another apartment in area of 75 square meters, owned by his wife, who last year earned 1.1 million rubles ($19.400).

At the same time, Vladimir Volkov, who ahead of time resigned his powers and now leads the region in the status of thу Acting Head, earned in 2016 only 3.4 million rubles ($60.000), which is only 1.5% more than a year earlier. In the property of the official there are three land plots, although the area of ​​one of them decreased from 1.5 thousand square meters to 1.2 thousand square meters, their total area is 3.2 thousand square meters.

In addition, Volkov is the owner of the apartment at 166.4 square meters and a residential house three times less than the deputy's one – in area of 375.1 square meters. There are no vehicles in the Volkov's family, and the Head's wife earned 1.6 million rubles ($28.300) over the past year.



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