Igor Shuvalov spends double annual revenue to repair former house of Communist Party Central Committee

Igor Shuvalov spends double annual revenue to repair former house of Communist Party Central Committee
Igor Shuvalov

Through his wife’s company, Shuvalov fully paid for the repair of the house, where he had yet another apartment. This cost him 20 million rubles.⁠

Once again, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) has learned some interesting details about the prodigal nature of Igor Shuvalov, which concerns his fancy real estate.

It turned out that, in addition to the repairs of the house on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment at the expense of the city budget, the First Deputy Prime Minister had decided to improve yet another apartment, located in the house №8 on the Kosygin Street. However, this one is much more modest, with only 474 square meters. Just like on Kotelnicheskaya, not the apartment itself is repaired, but the whole house.

The issue of financing the repair works was discussed at the meeting of homeowners partnership, held under the chairmanship of Sergey Kotlyarenko (by the way, he happens to be Shuvalov’s asset manager). As a result, it was decided that a member of the partnership, Sova Nedvizhimost Limited Liability Company, would make a gratuitous contribution of 20 million rubles. We already know that this company belongs to Shuvalov’s wife, Olga. Which means that Igor Shuvalov generously paid the full price for the renovation of the house in person. The planned repairs were scheduled to start only in 2030.


Photo: an extract from orders of the day

Moreover, the FBK noted that the sum of 20 million rubles is twice larger than the official’s entire annual revenue for the year 2014, or a fifth of the income for the year 2015.

This house is notable for the fact that it was built specifically for members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party. In particular, there lived the chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers A.N. Kosygin, his deputy L.V. Smirnov, presidents of the USSR Academy of Sciences M.V. Keldysh and A.P. Aleksandrov, and other party members. The first (and the last) Soviet President M.S. Gorbachev also lived nearby.



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