Igor Sechin sued Vedomosti due to material about house in Barvikha

Igor Sechin sued Vedomosti due to material about house in Barvikha
Photo: RIA Novosti

The reason of the suit was the publication of the fact that the Head of Rosneft is building a house on the Rublevskoe highway.

The Head of Rosneft filed a lawsuit against the publishing house Business News Media, which manages Vedomosti newspaper and the journalist Rinat Sagdieva in Ostankino court of Moscow. According to the court's website, the Sechin's lawsuit was registered on 19 August.

July 20, 2016 in the newspaper Vedomosti it was published Rinat Sagdiev's material, which stated that Sechin has acquired a land spot of ​​3 hectares near the clinical sanatorium Barvikha on the Rublevskoye highway and began building a new home there. Also in the investigation it was reported that neighboring plots belong to Sechin's children - the First Deputy Director of the Department of joint projects on the shelf of Rosneft Ivan Sechin and daughter Inga Karimova.

The printed version of the publication came under the heading "Sechin is nesting in Barvikha". On the website of the newspaper Vedomosti – “It was found a house of Igor Sechin on Barvikha".

According to Sechin, the publication data contains false information and the plaintiff demanded to refute the information and recognize the fact of the disclosure of personal data - that is an invasion to privacy by journalists. According to news agency RNS, the press secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontiev, if the defendant refutes the information and recognizes the invasion to privacy, the company will consider the possibility of a settlement agreement.

Meanwhile, as reported by the RNS, the publishing house does not see the claim of the Head of the state corporation. As explained by the lawyer of Business News Media, for the first time on suit to Vedomosti and its journalist's statement the publishing house had learned from journalists.

Recall that for the last time this is the second lawsuit, which Igor Sechin sues against the media. August 25 the court took into consideration the lawsuit from the Head of Rosneft on protection of honor and dignity. The reason that forced Igor Sechin to go to court was an investigation of the journalist of Novaya Gazeta about the boat, in which it was resting Sechin's spouse, issued on 1 August this year.



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