ICR refuted Bastrykin’s vacation

ICR refuted Bastrykin’s vacation
Bastrykin included Markin in the Public Council under the ICR Photo: Russian Investigative Committee

The Head of the ICR Alexander Bastrykin continues to work as usual he is not on vacation, as the media reported today, he has not left. The first Deputy Head of the media relations of the Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko commented on Forbes' information with the Dozhd TV channel.⁠

Petrenko advised to pay attention to the official website of the agency, which reflects the activity of the ICR and its management as well.

In particular, on October 18 the Head of the ICR met with the former ICR official representative for relations with the media and now the first Deputy of the RusHydro General Director Vladimir Markin; during the meeting Markin was included into the Public Council under the ICR.

Today Bastrykin congratulated the children's doctor of the world Leonid Roshal with the 120th anniversary of the Institute of Emergency Children's Surgery and Traumatology. The note on this is also available on the ICR website.

Earlier today Forbes reported, citing informed sources, that Alexander Bastrykin is on vacation more than a week. According to the source, this vacation may be the last for Bastrykin as the Chairman of the ICR.

Rumors about the Alexander Bastrykin’s resignation are circulating from the first half of September. The source of the CrimeRussia in the authorities confirmed the information, telling the reason for the possible resignation of the ICR Head.

In particular, the impending Bastrykin’s retirement may be related to the recent report of the FSB, according to the results of which it can conclude that the Head of the ICR has lost control over the agency. The report noted that the Investigative Committee was headed by the Head of the BIA ICR Mikhail Maksimenko, who was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes from the kingpin Shakro Molodoy.

Currently, Maksimenko, his deputy Lamonov and the first Deputy Head of the MID ICR in Moscow Nikandrov are in the pre-trial detention center under the court decision, which extended their detention until 19 December.



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