Investigative Committee to check Gazprom’s deal for corruption

Investigative Committee to check Gazprom’s deal for corruption

Deputy of the State Duma Valery Rashkin made an inquiry in the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from Communist Party fraction Valery Rashkin appealed to the Investigative Committee to check regarding a corruption component the transaction of Gazprom and the Inter management microenterprise, which won 34 contracts for 7.85 billion rubles ($137m) on the Syla Sibiri (Power of Siberia) project.

According to the parliamentarian, only five people are on the staff list of the contractor and it is unclear how they manage to master 8 billion rubles ($140m). “Not otherwise than by transferring them to offshore accounts, and then by self-distracting”, Rashkin suspects.

According to him, hundreds of similar cases on consequences of such schemes, with participation of short-lived firms are annually initiated around the country. “It is strange that the bodies have missed this episode, it concerns the largest state company of the country”, the communist notices.

Representative of Gazprom refused to give comments about it, RBC writes.

To recall, Inter management LLC, created literally for half a year before holding the auction — in August, 2016, got 34 contracts of Gazprom Moscow on the Sila Sibiri project for the total amount of 7.85 billion rubles. 



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