Forbes: richest wives of officials

Forbes: richest wives of officials
Rustam and Gulsina Minnikhanovs

In 2016, the income of the rating’s top - wife of the Tatarstan President Gulsina Minnikhanova - exceeded her husband's income by 313 times.⁠

Forbes magazine updated the list of the wealthiest wives of officials by the results of 2016. In the first edition, incomes of federal authorities representatives’ spouses were published. Then the unconditional leader was wife of the State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Alexander Nekrasov: with the income of the parliamentarian in 646 million rubles ($10.9m), his wife earned 2.3 billion rubles ($38.9m).

The recalls recalls that this rating is the result of an analysis of official declarations, in which they are obliged to declare not only their own income, but also the income of their spouse, as well as minor children.

Income of the husband Income of the wife
1. President of the Republic of Tatarstan
Rustam Minnikhanov

7.5 million rubles ($126.800)
Gulsina Minnikhanova
Revenue sources: Luciano
(Spa complex, hotel, fitness club, restaurant)

2.351 billion rubles ($38.9m)
2. Deputy of Ulan-Ude City Council

Vadim Bredny

903.8 million rubles ($15.2m)
Raisa Bredny
Sources of income: Titan
(shops, production of goods)

1.924 billion rubles ($32.5m)
3. Governor of Bryansk region
Alexander Bogomaz

3.6 million rubles ($60.870)
Olga Bogomaz
Sources of income: farm Bogomaz

864 million rubles ($14.6m)
4. The general director of state corporation Rostech
Sergey Chemezov

212 million rubles ($3.5m)
Ekaterina Ignatova
Revenue sources: MFK bank shares

848.5 million rubles ($14.3m)
5. Deputy of the State Duma
Alexander Nikolaev

4.9 million rubles ($82.900)
Elena Nekrasova
Sources of income: companies that are members of the Leader of Groups holding

646 million rubles ($10.9m)
6. Voronezh Regional Duma Deputy
Grigory Chuiko

0.6 million rubles ($10.150)
Sources of income: manufacturer of agricultural machinery Voronezhselmash

531.3 million rubles ($8.9m)
7. Deputy of the Bryansk City Council of People's Deputies
Alexey Isaev

11.7 million rubles ($197.800)
Revenue sources: n/a

266.8 million rubles ($4.5m)
8. Member of the Duma of the Stavropol region
Anatoly Zhdanov

3.2 million rubles ($54.100)
Revenue sources:

228.9 million rubles ($3.86m)
9. Member of the Council of Federation
Yuri Vorobiev

5.4 million rubles ($91.300)
Lyudmila Vorobieva
Sources of income: Group of Companies
Grand Land (property)

225.1 million rubles ($3.8m)
10. Deputy of the State Duma
Sergey Petrov

47.9 million rubles ($809.900)
Sources of income: the development company SVP Group

220.9 million rubles ($3.7m)



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