How restless Rosreestr names of Chaika changed

How restless Rosreestr names of Chaika changed

The Federal Service for State Registration (Rosreestr) has made changes in the statement of assets of sons of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika - Artem and Igor for the second time. Now, names, which previously have been replaced by alphanumeric encoding LSDUZ and YFYAU9 removed from documents.

As reported Dozhd, instead of names now in excerpts it is indicated: "Natural person. No meaning". In the background information on real estate owned by Artyom Chaika, it is reported that the recent changes to the documents were made on August 17 and in the property data of Igor Chaika - 21 August.

Earlier, on June 13 the Tagansky Court of Moscow did not support the claim of the Anti-corruption foundation (the FBK) Alexey Navalny to Rosreestr, which hiding names of sons of the Prosecutor General in their excerpts. The Court did not consider the information about Chaika's property a socially important information, the concealment of which is prohibited by law.

A month earlier, the FBK found that from 12 documents of the Rosreestr, where the real estate of Chaika's family was mentioned (including two belonging to Igor Chaika townhouses on the Rublevskoe highway, each of which costs about 2 million dollars), the information about rights holders has disappeared. The names of the owners have been replaced with special through-coding - LSDUZ and YFYAU9. Previously, from bases in the same way were hidden references to the ownership of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, family members of the Head of of the Ministry of Defence Sergey Shoigu and the prospective son-in-law of Putin Kirill Shamalov. Instead of names now in excerpts it is indicated: "Natural person. No meaning".

News about replacing names of Igor and Artem Chaika into the code were widely covered in the press. Medusa created an application that allows you to translate any name in the same code.



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