How landowner-deputy Anton Boldin withdrew state money through fake companies and evaded justice 

How landowner-deputy Anton Boldin withdrew state money through fake companies and evaded justice
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Judging by the regular cases of people with criminal backgrounds coming to power, the Russian President’s repeated call to block this shameful phenomenon has remained unheard for many responsible people. Holders of criminal biographies and relevant life experiences nevertheless adroitly get a plum job, thus setting the system trend and often forming the population’s attitude towards the authorities. The story below is one such example.

Thus, deputy of the district representative assembly Anton Boldin, who can safely be called a “deputy in law,” and his clan a district “mafia,” is alive and well in the Lgovsky district of the Kursk region.

Anton Aleksandrovich Boldin, 38, is noteworthy for having been a defendant in more criminal proceedings than some prison old-timers. First of all, for evasion of customs payments, of which the people's deputy was accused at least three times – twice in 2015 and once in 2013. Then there is a ‘modest’ episode of bank subsidy fraud discovered by law enforcement officers back in 2007. But it is not these facts that are interesting in this case; what is more important is that Anton Boldin has not been punished for any of those.


Despite the fact that, judging by official documents, Anton is almost broke, his kin own a huge land in the area and receives substantial profits from these “latifundia.” For example, Anton's father, Aleksandr Dmitrievich Boldin is the founder of several companies, including Viktoria LLC, Venera LLC, trade and commercial center Viktoria, and Viktoria-Plus LLC.

He also owns a lot of real estate:

  • Plots of land with cadastral numbers 46:13:120713:9 in the village of Maritsa, Lgovsky district, with an area of 30,800 sqm.

  • A plot of land in Maritsa, cadastral No. 46:13:120703:165, area - 25,200 sqm; agricultural land.

  • Maritsa, a plot of land, cadastral No. 46:13:120703:162, area - 55,400 sqm; agricultural land.

  • Another plot of land No. 46:13:120910:62, area - 61,600 sqm.

  • A building at 37А/2 Krasnaya Street, Lgov. Area - 195.4 sqm.

  • A plot No. 46:32:010103:1752, Shatokhin Street, Lgov.

  • A plot, cadastral No. 46:32:010103:6478, Vokzalnaya Street, Lgov.

  • A house in Lgov, 113 Apulskogo Street.

  • Lgov, Gagarin Street, cadastral No. 46:32:010101:10612, area - 47.8 sqm.

  • 36 Komsomolskaya Street, Apt. ***, Lgov.

Being the father of a deputy is not only very profitable, but also dangerous, since Boldin Sr. has also been prosecuted. First, back in 2006 for attempted illegal seizure of property of one of the legal entities (case No. 25749). Then, as reported by a source in the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service, he was busted on bribing the head of the criminal executive inspectorate in the winter of 2009. But he managed to cover up this episode, so it did not affect the overall picture of family well-being. 

The deputy’s mother is not hurting for cash either. 

Natalya Nikolaevna Boldina owns a plot of land No. 46:13:120911:27 with an area of 39,600 sqm (Lgov district). In addition, she owns a plot of land with the cadastral number 46:13:120702:37 and an area of 25,400 sqm, as well as another allotment with an area of 30,800 sqm. Moreover, there is a trading pavilion located on the site No. 46:13:120101:262 in Boldina's possession. Her life is livable, all the more so because in the period from 2016 to 2019, Aleksandr Boldin actively re-registered his land (listed above) in the name of his spouse.

It is unknown how and under what circumstances the above property was obtained. One thing is clear; the deputy’s entire business is connected precisely with the Lgovsky district, where the family has the greatest influence. The Boldins stay out of other districts. Either they are afraid, or simply do not see the point, because their capabilities are limited to one territory. 

Although it is known that even Head of the Lgovsky district, Sergey Korostelyov, was furious with the scope and arrogance of the persons we mentioned and filed a statement with then acting Kursk governor. The official described in detail a number of unscrupulous schemes used by Anton Boldin himself and his entourage.

From his statement, it appears that Anton Boldin, who has been repeatedly prosecuted, is also the head of a scientific organization working in agriculture. This partly gives an answer to why everything is so bad with the country’s agriculture, but the following lines from the statement of the head of the local executive power are the most noteworthy:



According to available information, it is possible that a network of agricultural organizations was created with the participation of A. Boldin; they are interconnected structures that may have interacted and settled with FSUE Lgovskaya OSS of the Russian Agricultural Academy, as well as among themselves. They include Aykon LLC, Agrosem LLC, Venera-Plus LLC, Venera + LLC, Boldina Venera Shataevna agricultural organization, Martynova Galina Mikhaylovna agricultural organization, Boldin N.N. individual entrepreneurship, Pervak A.N. individual entrepreneurship, and others.

In all of these structures, the founders or leaders are individuals who are closely related, or have certain ties with Anton Aleksandrovich Boldin or his wife.

That is, the head of the district administration identified the dubious firms and conducted an analysis of the problem. He stated and grasped its essence rather clearly and in detail, which is as follows: 

It is possible that significant financial flows go through these structures; various business building schemes are used in the created structure, and this affects the amount of their taxes and fees, which negatively affects the development of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Lgovskaya Experimental Selection Station. 

Individual entrepreneur Svintsova, who sent the following letter to Sergey Korostelev, agrees with the official: 

I, Natalya Vladimirovna Svintsova, ask to provide protection and assistance against fraudulent acts on the part of representative of the Representative Assembly of the Lgovsky District, Anton Aleksandrovich Boldin, from the United Russia party, who defames the party and the rank of deputy with his actions. 

Disguised as Aleksandra Nikolaevna Pervak individual entrepreneur, A.A. Boldin sold fodder corn from a warehouse in the Kursk region of the Lgovsky district (Selektsionny settlement), with a volume of 500 tons at a price of 9,700 rubles ($150), including VAT per ton. 

Then Svintsova gives an example of the deputy’s way of gaining money: 

They concluded an agreement, and an invoice for the sale of goods in the amount of 5,000,000 rubles ($76,925) was paid 100% in advance. The seller did not fulfill the contract. They did not ship the goods or make a refund. A.A. Boldin sometimes answered phone calls and said he was busy, but in most cases he just ignored them. 

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That is his recipe for financial success. Failure to pay taxes and give away goods and payments, confidence in his impunity, and ignorance of the rule of law. It should be said that Anton Aleksandrovich has grounds for this kind of behavior. After all, so far, he has managed to get away with it and is apparently confident in his own invulnerability against security forces.

This invulnerability is very ephemeral and we hope that it has an effect only until the affairs of the deputy and his family diaspora are made public. By the way, the above-mentioned Aleksandra Nikolaevna Pervak, who was still a resident of Ukraine, was a defendant in the criminal case No. 25270 along with Anton. It concerned embezzlement of bank subsidies in 2007. But she also managed to come off clear.

Regarding the person who “protects” the deputy, our sources give different names. Someone pointed to former Mayor of Lgov and ex-Chief of the local police department, Yury Severinov, who has long-standing friendship with the Boldins. Others say it is Vladimir Borisovich Ivanov, head of the Kursk Regional Branch of the United Russia Party. But who knows for sure?



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