Hereditary official Vaino owns land in Barvikha?

Hereditary official Vaino owns land in Barvikha?
Anton Vaino

The new head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino is a descendant of the famous Soviet public figures.

In recent years, there have been very significant changes in the Russian power structures: in 2015, the Head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin left his post, then, in one month in 2016, there was a series of even more high-profile layoffs. First, the Head of the Federal Customs Service Andrei Belyaninov lost his job, a couple of days later, there was a day of resignations, when several senior leaders also lost their jobs. But the most unexpected news is resignation of the Head of Presidential Administration Sergey Ivanov, a close friend of the President and the experienced KGB serviceman. Now, the administration is headed by his deputy Anton Vaino. But who is Mr. Vaino?

As the New Times publication found out, Anton Vaino comes from a family of prominent Soviet nomenklatura. His great-grandfather, Heinrich Vaino, fled from Estonia to Russia after the failure of the Bolshevik insurrection. In Tomsk, Heinrich had a son, Karl, who became a successful party leader in Estonia, but after the protests against Russification, he was transferred to Moscow. His son Eduard Karlovich – Anton’s father - continued the family tradition of service to the state: from 1981 to 1985 he worked in the Soviet trade mission in Japan. In 1990, Eduard Vaino changed the scope of activities and became the main representative of AvtoVAZ in theUnited States, where he worked in 1997. Since 2009, and currently he holds the position of the Vice-President for External Relations and Interaction with Shareholders of AvtoVAZ.

In addition, it was reported that Vaino is close friends with Rostekh Head Sergey Chemezov, who allegedly had the patronage of Anton Eduardovich in obtaining his current high post.

The new Head of the Administration graduated from MGIMO. After the graduation, Anton Vaino worked at the Russian Embassy in Japan for 5 years, then for 2 years in the Foreign Ministry. Since 2003, Vaino started working in the Kremlin, and has since become a trusted member of Putin's team. Since May 2012, the descendant of the Soviet leaders became the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.

On the sidelines, Vaino’s colleagues and subordinates mark his professionalism and incredible performance. In addition, they emphasize his awareness of the political and administrative elite.

The Head of the Administration is married to a native of Lyubertsy Yelena Shulenkova, their son Alexander, like his father, graduated from MGIMO.

In addition, the NT journalists familiarized with Vaino’s family income declaration. According to the documents of the 2015, Anton Vaino earned 2 million 157 thousand rubles, and is the owner of the following property: 111.7 sq. m., 2840 sq. m. land plot, two parking stalls (13.9, 12.7), an apartment of 155.5 sq. m. (in use) and a land plot of 6058 sq. m. (in use). In addition, the senior executive has a 2-storey building (454.2 sq. m.) on the Klyazma reservoir in the Mytishchi District near Moscow. As it was found out, this place was previously owned by the tourist boarding house, then it was passed into the ownership of LLC Klyazma-House-6. It is noteworthy that the parent company of Klyazma is LLC Tretiy Prichal which belongs to the holding company Guta and the Cyprus offshore Tekilina Investment ltd.

The official’s wife was more successful: for a year, she earned 10 million 111 thousand rubles and 4 pennies. In her property there is a flat (155.5 sq. m.), a house (35.3), one car (13.4) and a land plot (3200).

The NT employees managed to find out that, according to Rosreestr’s information, previously, Elena Shulenkova owned land in Barvikha (Rechnoye cottage village) with a total area of 3245 sq. m., three-storey mansion (770.1 sq. m.) and the house for the security (283.7 sq. m.) The cost of the land plot only is estimated to be $ 3 million.

They also found out about the renowned neighbors of the land plot at Rechnoye. Next to it, the son and the son-in-law of a new military structure Rosgvardiya General Viktor Zolotov live. In particular, the General's son Roman owns a land plot of 1184 sq. m. and a two-storey house of 676 sq. m. and his son-in-law, thehusband of his daughter Janna, the filmmaker Yuri Chechikhin is the owner of 43 acres. However, nearby, in the village of Kalchuga, there is another land plot that belings to Chechikhin and it is of 2886 sq. m.

Also, the neighbors of the General’s relatives are: the acting Tula Region Governor Vladimir Miheychik, the resident of Switzerland Dmitry Jakubowski, better known as General Dima, the wife of the Vice-President of Rosneft Eduard Khudainatov Marina and several prominent businessmen.

An interesting fact emerged: one month prior to the Vaino’s appointment as the Deputy Head of the Administration, the land plot in Barvikha changed ownership from Elena Shulenkova to some 64-year-old Tatiana Ezhevskaya. It turned out that Tatiana's husband Victor worked in the V/O Traktoroeksport and his older brother Alexander was a colleague of Karl Vaino (Anton Eduardovich’s grandfather) in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 11 convocation.



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