Family Committee Chair called gay people sick

Family Committee Chair called gay people sick
Tamara Pletneva

Tamara Pletneva stressed that this is her personal opinion.

The Head of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Tamara Pletneva told TV presenter Vladimir Pozner on Channel One that she considered homosexuals to be sick people that should be treated.

When Pozner asked whether she approved criminal penalties for gays, Pletneva answered yes. However, after several clarifying questions, she noted that she had meant a punishment "for raping a child."

Continuing to talk about homosexuality, Pletneva recalled that "Tchaikovsky was also one," but "he hid and was ashamed of it." Eventually, the deputy came to the conclusion that criminal punishment is not necessary in this case, but they “must be treated.”

Then Pozner asked Pletneva why the number of HIV-positive people is growing in Russia. The deputy explained that "morality in our country is at such a level that one can do it anywhere and with everyone." Therefore, a person that has become infected is solely responsible for the infection.

Commenting on her statements on TV in a conversation with RIA Novosti, Pletneva once again confirmed that she considers gay people to be sick: “But if you think that these people are healthy, go ahead and think that, but I think that these people are sick.”

She could not suggest how they should be treated, saying that she was not a doctor. She called all her statements a personal opinion.



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