Head of Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov gives ground

Head of Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov gives ground
Current Head of FSUE Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov

The new Head of the FSUE Russian Post could become top manager of Rostech Sergey Kulikov. The department calls this information "rumors".

The Ministry of Communications has already begun to actively look for a replacement of Head of the FSUE Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov. The contract signed with him is valid until July 1, 2017, but the replacement could happen sooner. According to Kommersant, the most likely successor is top manager of Rostech Sergey Kulikov. According to sources in the the Presidential Administration and the Government, his candidacy has been agreed with the FSB and supported by the Presidential Administration. In addition, according to one version, Anton Vaino, the Head of the Presidential Administration, has offered Kulikov as the nominee; they are friends. The aim of the new management will be the move to a business-oriented management model, corporatization and privatization of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Post.

According to other information the candidacy of 40-year-old Sergey Kulikov was suggested by Head the Ministry of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov. The final decision will be taken after consultation with the President. Among the other candidates for the post of Russian Post Head there are called Assistant of Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich Alexander Ustinov, Russian Post Strategic Development board member Evgeny Birger, Deputy Minister of Communications Mikhail Evraev.

The Russian Post told TASS that the information on the resignation of current CEO is “a rumor”. However, information about Strashnov’s resignation was confirmed by sources close to the Ministry, the Presidential Administration and the Russian Post.

The issue of replacing the leadership of FSUE Russian Post appeared in 2016, when Dmitry Strashnov’s revenues attracted the attention of the Prosecutor General. It turned out that the Ministry of Communications has prepared an order to increase the maximum level of salaries of top management of the Russian Post; according to the document, the salary of the general director of Russian Post could amount up to 10 million rubles a month. By results of 2014, Strashnov earned a bonus in the amount of 95.4 million rubles, instead of the 3.2 million rubles.

According to the representatives of the supervisory authority, in 2014, at the conclusion of a contract with Dmitry Strashnov no maximum allowable value of the consideration was determined. In this case the employment contract could not be coordinated with the Government, despite the fact that the federal state unitary enterprises provided this requirement for compliance. In the end, Nikolay Nikiforov offered to renew the contract with Dmitry Strashnov for six months to resolve the issue on the Strashnov’s fate, based on the results of his work.

However, in January, the Prosecutor General initiated a review of the validity of acquisition of nearly two TU-204 aircraft, and the Head of the ICR, Yuri Chaika, recently named the top manager award "an outright arrogance."



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