Head of Roscosmos increases his income by $193k

Head of Roscosmos increases his income by $193k
Igor Komarov

Igor Komarov is now the richest employee of the state corporation.

The richest employee of Roscosmos is the state corporation’s head, Igor Komarov. According to the declaration, in 2017 his income reached almost 109 million rubles ($1.76 million), which is 12 million rubles more than last year.

It is noteworthy that Komarov earned 71.5 million rubles ($1.15 million) with the help of Roscosmos, while he received the rest of the money from other sources of income, which are not specified. The official owns five plots of land with the total area of almost 12 sq m, a house of 2.5 thousand sq m, an apartment (118 sq m), a gas pipeline section, and non-residential premises. The Roscosmos head’s car fleet includes LADA Largus and Mercedes-Benz Viano.

Following in the conventional rating is the chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council Yury Koptev with an income of 47.1 million rubles ($760,853). At the same time, he earned only 8.9 million rubles ($143,770) on the civil service, and the rest of the money comes from other sources of income, which are neither specified.

And finally, First Deputy General Director of the Corporation Tatyana Elfimova is on the 3rd place with 45 million rubles ($726,930) made over the past year, 26.2 million rubles ($423,234) of which is her salary. The source of another 18.9 million rubles ($305,310) is not specified in the declaration.



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