Head of Moscow police Anatoliy Yakunin resigns

Head of Moscow police Anatoliy Yakunin resigns
Anatoliy Yakunin

Now Yakunin may become the Head of one of the MIA departments.

Anatoliy Yakunin, the Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, announced his soon resignation to his subordinates, the Interfax said referring to an informed source.

Today, Yakunin said goodbye to his personal staff and said that he would take a new post shortly. According to the source, the police Lieutenant General will become the Head of one of the departments with the MIA. The Moskovsky Komsomolets specified that Yakunin would probably become the Head of the Operations Directorate.

Yakunin will be replaced by his deputy, the Major General of Police, Oleg Baranov.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet officially confirmed the resignation.

Yakunin was appointed the Head of the Moscow MIA on June 2, 2012. The Lieutenant General’s service has been marked as rich in scandals. In February 2016, the founder of the Smotra.ru Erik Kituashvili accused Yakunin of corruption. Allegedly, the Head of the Moscow police and his staff had received a bribe in the amount of $ 3.5 million from the Head of the capital's Traffic Safety Inspectorate Viktor Kovalenko and the commander of the 6th battalion of the Road Patrol Service with the Traffic Safety Inspectorate Konstantin Vasyuta for selling high positions at Moscow traffic police. Yakunin then sued Kituashvili on protection of his reputation, dignity and business reputation and won the case.

In August, The New Times journalists found out that the senior police Chief was building a house in Veshnyaki village. Experts estimated the house at 500 thousand dollars. According to the income declaration for 2015, Yakunin earned 2.2 million rubles for the period. His wife Irina, however, being the Head of the Office of Social Development and Corporate Culture Department with the Rosneft, earned 9.7 million rubles for the year. But even this could not be enough to build the cottage. The family also owns an apartment in Moscow (142 square meters), Hunter automobile, BMW K1600 GTL motorcycle (worth about 2 million rubles) and a rented plot of land in Vershki village with total area of ​​20 acres.



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