Head of MIA Directorate for Moscow WAD resigns after Golunov case

Head of MIA Directorate for Moscow WAD resigns after Golunov case
Igor Petukhov (in the center) Photo: RBC

The supervisor of the journalist’s detention was suspended from work.

Colonel Igor Petukhov, who is the deputy head of the MIA Directorate for the Western District of Moscow, filed a resignation report for length of service, and Andrey Shchirov, the head of the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking at the same Directorate, was dismissed from service, RBC reported, citing sources in the police.

“Last week he [Shchirov] took all his belongings from the workplace,” the Directorate told the publication.

So far, the head of the department has not been dismissed, as Petukhov, who went on leave. At the same time, the police noted that Petukhov did not take part in the meeting of the MIA head Vladimir Kolokoltsev with the management of the Directorate for the WAD. It was after this meeting that Kolokoltsev asked the Russian president to dismiss the head of the Directorate, Andrey Puchkov. As a result, he vacated the post due to retirement.


Andrey Shchirov and Ivan Golunov

On June 6, Golunov was detained on suspicion of drug dealing. The officers found illegal substances in the journalist’s backpack and apartment. Golunov said that the the drugs were planted, and the investigation could not prove the opposite. On June 11, all charges against the journalist were dropped. 

The officers of the MIA Directorate for the WAD, Roman Feofanov, Akbar Sergaliyev, Denis Konovalov and Dmitry Kozhanov, under the supervision of the head of the for Combating Drug Trafficking, participated in Golunov’s detention. The criminal case was instituted by investigator Igor Lopatin with the sanction of the head of the investigative unit Yevgeny Mashin. On June 21, it was established that the officers acted illegally, and the MIA announced its intention to transfer the relevant materials to the Investigation Committee.



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