Head of MIA Department for Combating Extremism dismissed over hidden income

Head of MIA Department for Combating Extremism dismissed over hidden income
Timur Valiulin

Timur Valiulin had to resign after he hid income from selling property abroad.

A stickler for combating extremism, who has headed the relevant unit at the MIA, Police Major-General Timur Valiulin is about to resign. This became known the day before, but the reasons for the resignation of the high-ranking police officer have been revealed only today.

According to Kommersant, Valiulin’s superiors found out that in 2012, he failed to indicate an apartment and a garage sold by him at about the same time in Bulgaria in his income declaration. At the same time, information about the sale appeared due to the difficult divorce process, which Valiulin is now facing, and the division of property.

According to the publication’s source in law enforcement bodies, Valiulin has not shown up for work and not signed any documents for about two weeks. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he has suffered a severe heart attack and is now on sick leave.

Another source of the publication says that the presidential decree on Valiulin’s dismissal from the post of chief of the State Unitary Enterprise has not yet been signed, but there is information that such a document does exist and contains the following wording: “due to loss of confidence.”

It should be added that before joining the MIA Department for Combating Extremism, Police Major-General Timur Valiulin worked in Moscow police. In particular, the high-profile case of a terrorist act on the Cherkizovsky market in Moscow was investigated under his leadership. In addition, several major nationalist groups responsible for dozens of murders and explosions were eliminated. In 2008, Timur Valiulin busted up the infamous mob summit on the Pirogovskoe reservoir in the Moscow region with the support of special forces and helicopters.



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