Head of ICR Penza Investigations Directorate plans to retire

Head of ICR Penza Investigations Directorate plans to retire
Oleg Troshin

Lieutenant General Oleg Troshin announced he is going to retire in May 2018. He is doing it following a decision taken a year ago – not due to non-existent issues with the agency reported by some local media outlets.

A number of media outlets reported on Troshin’s plant to retire, so he decided to personally comment on the situation.

Troshin announced he is retiring in May 2018, as reported by the ICR Penza Investigations Directorate’s press service.

Among other things, Troshin said his decision is not due to issues with the agency or conflicts with other agencies or governmental bodies or changes to the ICR status that will result in it no longer being an independent agency. He also said all these guesses were not true.

He noted allegations of the ICR Penza Investigations Directorate being inefficient that were spread by certain media outlets are false. The Directorate has been one of the best ICR divisions for the past 10 years since the day it was founded. It is responsible for investigations of the largest number of corruption-related crimes, including those discovered by Penza prosecutors, the FSB, and the MIA, Troshin said. He called for the media to be more objective when assessing how efficient the ICR is.

Troshin also reminded them that he had decided to retire a year ago and announced his decision during a press conference.

“I am, in fact, resigning after having thought about it thoroughly. I have already sent a resignation letter the ICR Main Directorate. I did it in late 2017,” Troshin said.

Let us remind you that the Russian President dismissed Head of the MIA Directorate in Penza head Yury Ruzlyaev on February 9. FSB and MIA Internal Affairs Department arrested domestic service colonel Nariman Altynbaev, his deputy, on the same day. He is accused of aggravated abuse of official powers. He has been put under house arrest.



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