Head of Crimea’s Interior Ministry resigned

Head of Crimea’s Interior Ministry resigned

As a security officer, he spent less than a year.

Police Lieutenant General Oleg Torubarov left the post of Interior Minister in the Crimea, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the regional board. Torubarov headed the Crimean police since August last year. Police Major General Pavel Karanda was appointed acting police chief.

In March 2019, Torubarov’s wife became the Minister of Sports of the Crimea. Some media associate this appointment with the resignation of Torubarov. According to ForPost, on the eve of the resignation, the head of the Crimean police was summoned to Moscow, where the deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry asked Torubarov to write a letter of resignation.

Before the Crimea, in 2013–2018, Torubarov headed the Central Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Altai Territory, and his wife Olga was the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the region. In 2007-2013, Torubarov supervised the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Kaluga Region, and his wife headed the Ministry of Sports.



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