Gref jokes about Sobyanin's love to dig Moscow

Gref jokes about Sobyanin's love to dig Moscow

The Moscow mayor responded with poignancy about the optional effectiveness of the monopolist bank.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), Sberbank's head German Gref pestered Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, noting his love for digging up the capital. Sobyanin, in turn, hinted at Gref’s poor performance as Minister of Economy. RBC retold the verbal duel.

“Maybe the same problems can be solved by some other means, and the money can be directed to social problems, eventually to the roads?” German Gref suggested Sobyanin, arguing about the need to invest big money in the introduction of new technologies.

“I feel the question of the former Minister of Economy. The effectiveness of the investment is the main reason why German Oskarovich was in the government,” Sobyanin retorted.

Then the Moscow mayor spoke about the creation of an intelligent transport system (ITS), which cost billions of rubles, but improved traffic in Moscow by 15%.

“In order to solve this problem by other methods, we would need about 1 trillion rubles ($ 15,3 billion). And it’s physically impossible to dig up the whole city,” Sobyanin said.

“Well, you love doing that,” Gref joked, his words were supported by the guests of the forum with applause and laughter. 

Sobyanin noted that investments in technology were the most effective.

“Everyone understands that if a private company does not transform or develop - Sberbank does not care, because it is a monopolist, it may not develop and nothing will happen to it – but a private company will go bankrupt,” Sobyanin said.

The implementation of the Moscow beautification program “My Street” began in 2015, it was extended until 2020. The total expenditure by that time will reach 200 billion rubles ($ 3 billion).



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