Governor Kozhemyako turns out to be 2.5 times richer than Putin

Governor Kozhemyako turns out to be 2.5 times richer than Putin

In 2018, the governor of the Far East earned more than 22 million rubles ($340,000). From the income statement of the president it follows that his income last year amounted to only 8.6 million rubles ($132,000).

Governor of the Far East Oleg Kozhemyako published the income statement for 2018. It follows from it that last year the official earned 2.5 times more than Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes

Kozhemyako's income for 2018 amounted to 22 million 231 thousand rubles ($341,000), which is 3 million ($46,000) less than a year earlier. In 2018, Vladimir Putin earned 8.6 million rubles ($132,000) – about 10 million ($154,000) less than in 2017, when he received additional funds from the sale of a land plot of 15 acres.

Kozhemyako also declared two apartments with an area of ​​114 and 49.7 square meters, as well as four residential buildings of 158.5, 84.6, 77.8 and 30.8 square meters and a land plot of 450 acres.

Officially, the Far Eastern Governor is not married, but his common-law spouse Irina Gerasimenko ranks 24th in the list of the richest women in Russia. Last year, Kozhemyako’s relatives sold the Preobrazhenskaya base of the trawl fleet for more than 27 billion rubles ($415mln). The shares of the company belonged to Gerasimenko, as well as to Kozhemyako's son and sister.

Also, income declarations were published by the heads of Zabaykalsky region, Omsk, Magadan and Vladimir regions. Zabaykalsky Region Governor Alexander Osipov appointed last year earned 5.15 million rubles ($80,000) in 2018. He owns two apartments with an area of 84.8 and 77.1 square meters, a residential building with an area of 35.6 square meters, a land plot of 10 acres and an individual gas pipeline. Also, the acting governor declared two cars. In his use is an apartment of 147.8 square meters.

The governor of the Omsk region last year earned about 6 million rubles ($92,000). He also owns an apartment of 180 square meters, a residential building of 37.9 square meters and a land plot of 24 hundred square meters. In the use of the governor's office there is an apartment of 272 square meters. From transport only auto train MZSA 817711 is listed in Burkov's declaration.

The income of the governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov in 2018 amounted to 5 million 488 thousand rubles ($84,000). In the property he had an apartment of 125.9 square meters and a garage. Nosov also declared cars Bentley Continental GT and Chevrolet Express G1500. It is noted that the information about his spouse disappeared from the governor’s declaration, and a year ago he declared an income of 6.9 million rubles ($106,000).

The head of the Vladimir region, Vladimir Sipyagin, declared 2 million 92 thousand rubles ($32,000) of income for 2018. He owned two land plots with an area of 8.2 and 13 hectares. Sipagin also owns an apartment of 89.6 square meters. In common ownership he has an apartment of 184 square meters. The governor did not declare any transport.



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